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Jacquard Magic!

Finally, after a semester of weaving, I am happy with something I've made. These aren't even cut off the loom yet (and won't be for at least another two days... I might  not even see them again until the 29th). These were woven using a Jacquard loom, which is in all technicality, the oldest computer. It is a computerized loom, which now runs by using computer files to create photographic and drawn images onto a woven material. For our class, we had to do two woven samples, and then it was our choice as to whether or not we wanted to do another project on the Jacquard. I needed to do my last project (two pieces/projects on one warp), and because of the wonderful experience and work of the rest of the semester (awful), I decided to utilize the Jacquard. There was no guarantee that I would like it, but I couldn't stand to thread another loom. And the result? Success! I did two projects on one warp. I did my samples, and then two more pieces. All very ratty (except for my stages). I'm so happy with them. I'll post about these more later on, when they are cut off and finished. I am going to make a rat king black plague potpourri. Nice smelling and adored with dead rats. Story of my life...? (Not actually. That would be unsanitary).

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