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Comic Con #2

Comic Con is over, and it was a relative success. For my first year, it was actually pretty good. I met several fantastic people, including the lovely creator of Attic Raiders, and a cool independent comic artist. It's quite lovely when you can be in a place where you can have 10-minute long discussions about He-Man and She-Ra, get hi-fives from true a true and honourable Steampunk, and talk to friends from past years who make truly amazing items. The only downside to this year was the fact that it was almost too many people, most of which were only there for one purpose. It would be nice if more people devoted their weekend, and took the time to spend more minutes looking at new artists, who may one day be those bigger names that demand long lines. I ended up spending a lot more time at my booth than I had intended (which is why I had a support staff of one), but it was almost better. Several, several people took my photos since I am apparently an amazing Steampunk (thank you, personal twists and variations), and I talked to a few interesting people. I have to get into the habit of taking more photographs of wonderful costumes and commit to talking to people whom I find interesting. I'm not nearly enough of an extrovert. Quite the opposite.

At the moment, there is a 99% chance that I will be returning to the convention as a vendor in 2013. Perhaps I will run into the Quiet Steampunk or the furry who was being happily groomed. Oh, the true wonders of Comic Con, before it became overly full and congested, and the population of people dressed up is relatively minuscule. Oh, sigh. Dress up, people! Express your true fandom!


Calgary Comic Con #1

Just a quick update in the world of Grimm.... (fabrications).

The Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo has been quite good thus far, though I'm not selling as much as I'd hoped. I will probably break even, which is okay, I guess. Just not ideal. Ha. However, seeing friends again and meeting lots of lovely individuals. Thanks to Star Trek: The Next Generation, the Expo actually had to turn people away, due to the 45,000+ people inside the building. Fire hazard, y'know. Line ups snaking all the way across parking lots and out of sight. Yikes!

Tomorrow is the last day, and should be good. I plan to meet a few more people, network a bit, and trade some two-part silkscreen prints that I have. Here's hoping.

In other news, my mummified hand (not a real one!) went to a wonderful new home (or will be, on Sunday) and I couldn't be more thrilled. I always feel bad when friends buy my things, but at least I might be able to visit it on occasion.

Also, I apologize to any Comic Con go-ers (or anyone) who are upset by my wearing a fur pelt. I do care about animals, and don't support killing strictly for fur. My reasoning for such is the fact that I only wear the pelts of animals that I embrace and love with all my heart, as it's the closest I can get to the beauty of the real creature. I can't actually kill things without having a heavy conscience. I even have issues with killing spiders. Mosquitoes are another story... but I always feel sorry. However, I am proud of my spin on Steampunk, in adding a woodcutter/woods person spin. I call is Smokepunk, as my own little joke. It's so bizarre how many people photographed my outfit.

More tomorrow! xxGrimm



Rockabilly is a style and sub-culture which models itself after the 1940s and 1950s. Nautical, greasers, pin-up, and rock n' roll all tie into this style, to create something very upbeat and borderline punk in appearance. The ladies wear wiggle dresses and have heavily tattooed arms. The gents style their hair into pompadours and model their clothes after Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, and Johnny Cash. Some variations of Rockabilly include Gothabilly, Punkabilly, Psychobilly, and Horrorbilly. I have been interested in Rockabilly for some time, but have only recently started getting involved with the clothing, the styles, and the music.
Buckaroos Mercantile
Hola Chica Clothing
Grave Robbers Union Local 666
Bandito Rockabilly
And now, for good balance, a sampling of Rockabilly and Horrorbilly tunes. Enjoy!


Rams for ewe

I love making my ram hoods. Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo is this weekend and I'm so terribly excited. For a while I was overly stressed, but I'm setting small goals for myself, and it's going well. I adore making horns, even though it takes forever. Lovely? I believe so. Vanity!


Two Wolves

A lovely person on Etsy shared this treasury (featuring one of my items), and had these words.

An old Cherokee told his grandson, "My son, there's a battle between two wolves that lives inside us all. One is Evil. It's anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, inferiority, lies, and ego.
"The other is good. It's joy, peach, love, hope, humility, kindness, and truth."
The boy thought about it and asked, "Grandfather, which wolf wins?"
The old man quietly replied, "The one you feed."

Definitely good words to live by. They strike me as somewhat similar to what my brother told me. There are there kinds of people in this world. Wolves, sheepdogs, and sheep. Those who hurt, those who protect, and those who are swayed by others. It's your own choice as to what kind of person you are.

Photo credit: National Geographic
As a bias, though, this only really applies to people. Animals are animals, and any of them can turn when put into unfortunate situations.


Let Them Eat Cake

The idea of Marie Antoinette saying "Let Them Eat Cake" amuses me, despite the tragic background. Apparently she never said such thing, but the very idea is too bizarre to comprehend. However, there are some wonderful things that come out of it... That and her beheading...

Milk and Honey Luxuries
Silent Orchid Studio
To The Moon and Back
Elizabeth Ocean

Sat here day

Lame pun. Sitting? I did no such thing. Except for the brief bus ride. What a beautiful day today! For those of you in Calgary, you should be out soaking up the sun and having a wonderful day in this bustling city. Normally, I avoid going places on weekends, because it's so busy. However, today I took a special trip to 17th Ave. to go to the sales being put on by Dick & Jane's and Blame Betty. On the way home, I also stopped in Kensington to go to Hot Wax (as it's Record Store Day!) and The Rocket. The result of the entire day was such...

In the larger photo, we have (clockwise): Some business cards that I found delightful, A Mighty Wallet (made of Tyvek, and decorated with vintage tattoo designs), pale blue racer back tank top from Dick & Jane's, lovely peachy-tan-pink dress from Dick & Jane's, two record singles (The White Stripes & Karen Elson), and navy cardigan with anchor applique, with Rocket printed tank top inside.

The silvery swallow is part of the design on the tank top that I got printed at the Rocket. You may notice a trend in the things that I like. Tattoo designs and Sailor Jerry motifs, anyone?

Finally, I went grocery shopping and got some summery food, due to the wonderful summery weather we're having today. The weather called for a high of 16 degrees, with a chance of ice cream.

 What better than Ben & Jerry (my favourite ice cream brand, and a new flavour with a Canada pun name!) and a free hamburger? I managed to swipe the last one before they were all gone. It was an awful burger, but so fitting for such a glorious today.

Lastly, please enjoy some wonderful sunny summertime music! Happy Weekend everyone!


Victorian Anatomy

For the final project in my anatomy drawing class, we were able to take creative liberties in how we utilized anatomy. I took a relatively traditional route, in depicting historical pieces that would have been found in some Victorian-era collections. The majority of the pieces were centred around the history of-, views on-, and protection against the Evil Eye. I included a couple pieces that would have been common to find in a mid-to-late 19th century house or home. In some pieces there is a bit of creative license concerning the historic content, but everything was heavily researched, and I didn't tweak anything unless it was heavily researched before hand.

Ideally, the space would be a bit different, or would be a full room, but for the situation of a classroom, it worked out okay. I utilized upholstery and bargain bin fabric to create somewhat of a "cut out" from the past. I'm quite fond of the fabric that I used for the "wallpaper". I'm probably going to make a dress or something out of the fabric, now that it's no longer being used for anything.

All in all, a delightful project. Not sure what to do with all of the individual pieces. I just wish that my colleagues/classmates had asked more questions about it during the critique. There had been a lot of extensive research put into everything. Right down to learning the Middle Latin alphabet, and some Ogham. Along with all of the things that I learned about the Evil Eye. And creating a small hair piece.

The mummified hand also smells like spices and herbs. Somewhat like a true mummy hand. Fun fact.

Good things versus bad things

To be clear...

Good things: Soft cuddly things and Victorian history

Bad things: Irresponsible young adults setting off fire alarms at 2:30 AM, due to improper cooking methods, along with an apparent disability to put fires out or prevent smoke from leaving their rooms.

Critique at 9:30, and I'm setting up around 8:00.

*whimper* I was having such a good sleep...


A Day In The Life

Pictured (clockwise):
1. 'Catalog of Cruelty' by Steve Santini
2. New music ('Science and Sorcery' by Wolf & Cub; 'Contra' by Vampire Weekend; 'Islands Disappear' by Said The Whale)
3. Em & Sprout t-shirt
4. Notebook (and Canada Post stamps)
5. Staedler pens (the best pens)
6. Tea + huge tea cup
7. Vintage buttons
8. Dodgy old school SanDisk MP3 player
9. JVC earphones

Only the best (kind of).

Je Ne Regrette Rien

Rockabilly is a style which I am quite fond of, and it's something that I tend to drift towards. Between that and my love for nautical symbolism, I found this great necklace on Etsy, from a shop called Red Hot Kitten. This girl sells a bunch of rockabilly inspired jewellery, and it's absolutely fantastic.

One of the pieces in her shop is this piece, which can be ordered as a brooch or a necklace. It really caught my attention, since it combines one of my creeds with imagery which I am ever so fond of. 'Je ne regrette rien' translates into 'I have no regrets', and the two forearms are tattooed with a ship and a knife. I'm so delighted that I found it, and when I received it in the post today, I was thrilled. In fact, I couldn't actually wait to open it, so I ripped open the envelope while walking up five flights of stairs. Now I wear it with pride, and might be inspired to re-draw a Sailor Jerry style mock-tattoo on my arm.

Now I really need to make a trip to Blame Betty...



A while ago, I did a post about Victorian clothing which could be utilized to create a Steampunk outfit. For those of you who don't know, Steampunk is a retro-futuristic subgenre which creates worlds in which the Victorian era is heavily science fiction based. Steampunk is interesting, because along with creating brand new spins on the era, the Victorians did have a great deal of authors who wrote science fiction and occult stories, which can be used to create Steampunk styles. Such authors include Jules Verne and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Steampunk utilizes a great deal of brass and leather, as well as sepia tones. These colours are not necessary, especially if you are creating your Steampunk alter ego to be someone who would have lived during the Victorian era. Fun fact, Victorians were quite fond of bright and rich colours (at least those who could afford it). Along with the colouration aspect of it, a great deal of Steampunk accessories and objects involve gears and goggles. You do not need either of these things to be Steampunk, and adding either of these things to a Victorian outfit does NOT make it Steampunk. It makes it Victorian, with some gears pasted on, or a Victorian person wearing goggles. That being said, these aesthetics can add a lot to the outfit, if it fits the character that you create. Like any retro-futuristic styles, creativity is best, and you should carefully think out the look and style that you desire, and do plenty of research before diving into common Steampunk looks. Goggles and gears can add a lot if it fits exactly what you want!

That being said, here are some great examples of people who invest a great deal of time in the pieces that they make, and are truly creative spins on science fiction Victorian. These people are the best people to talk to if you're interested in learning more about Steampunk, and how to create your own Steampunk alter ego.

Empress Jessamine
The Fancy Lamb
Brute Force Studios
Any Old Time
Steampunk is great because you can use all kinds of true vintage and antique items. Just be careful about the 19th century beaver felt top hats. I don't want anyone getting mercury poisoning...

For now

Due to the fact I keep getting behind any ways, and I'm too busy with a final projects and such, I'm taking a break from my photo of the day project. I might pick it up again, but we'll see. For now, however, I will keep posting about my own artwork and works in progress, while also telling you about new artists and designers. It's easier to take a break and find something amazing then don make up and spend an hour or more taking extravagant photographs. I'm hoping that this summer I'll be able to do some amazing photography series (which may or may not involve songs).

This should only be a brief hiatus, but no promises. If anyone is outraged, please let me know, but please be sympathetic!

And now, please enjoy some fanciful steampunk music.



Crave cupcakes and a lovely fox pelt. Yesterday a good friend of mine visited me, and we celebrated my belated birthday. I had saved my gifts from family so that I could open them with someone. The day included getting Perrier water, cupcakes which became crushed on the walk home, and lots of Oddities. Finally, we wended up going to a showing of the 1984 Nightmare on Elm Street. I kept falling asleep due to the fact I was exhausted. Earlier, before we met for the day, I had to go and meet my Anatomy class. I woke up at 6:30 to eat a huge breakfast, and inevitably got lost at the hospital. Not fun... The lab was interesting... but waking up that early after going to bed a little later meant that I was tired for the rest of the day.

Falling asleep during Nightmare on Elm Street may not have been ideal time to doze off. My friend kept waking me up. After all... One, two, Freddy's coming for you...!

Dead Road 7

'Dead Road 7' by The Kills
From the album No Wow.


Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens

Today I turned twenty, so I decided to share some of my favourite things. Like my musical tastes, the things I find charming and interesting are eclectic. Something for everyone!
Revived Vintage
Battie Clothing
Royal Mint



This evening, I made pasta. It was.... quite delicious. I made a white sauce (with... way too much butter... but... Ah well! That's what happens when you don't measure anything), and added chicken, mint leaves, and a  bit of ginger. By a 'bit of ginger' I mean about a teaspoon or two. I also added parmesan cheese. I'm pleased with the fact that I've cooked myself two meals in the past three days. I would have yesterday, but I had delicious leftovers (including a stuffed potato).


Lots of excitement today. I won a donut, received my tags for my Grimm Fabrications items, and picked up all kinds of fabric for my current projects. Great stuff.


Photo of the day times six

Due to being a bit behind on my photo and song of the day jazz, I'm posting these six as one blog post, just to conserve space a bit, and get back up to speed. To simplify things, I'm not including the videos, but if you click on the song list, it will take you to the song.

You Have No Faith In Medicine [The White Stripes] 
Night Light [Sleater-Kinney]
The Camper Velourium I : Faint of Hearts [Coheed & Cambria]
Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) [Arcade Fire]
Who Do You Think You Are [Dala]
Cheap and Cheerful [The Kills]



Normally, I'm really bad about cooking for myself. Mostly out of laziness. However, since it is Easter, I cooked up some lamb. Meat isn't something that I normally cook, since I tend to under cook everything. I guess that that isn't such a huge issue... I just prefer to not have to put meat back on to keep cooking. Probably a laziness thing.

However.... Today I successfully cooked two delicious lamb chops. I used this meat rub that I have, and fried them up. After a bit, I threw in some mushrooms to fry, and some mint leaves. Add some garlic toast and green beans... YUM!

For dessert, I will have some chocolate and tea of sorts. However, not before...

Mint leaves to nibble anyone? Maybe I'm the only one who does that.... but I do really love eating fresh mint leaves. Delicious!

Happy Easter! (Darest I say... HOPPY?)

Hello again! I have returned from my mini sabbatical in the woods, and I'm as refreshed as ever. It was so nice to escape to the place where I grew up, and be taken care of for a few days. I left all of my things behind (except for my notebook and pens, and necessities like overnight things), and just relaxed. Home cooking, long walks in the foothills, and hours of reading. Not to mention my newly learned skill of bottom-spinning pool balls. I now have mud on my jeans and fresh air in my lungs, and I'm ready to get back to work. I have already started tea staining and ageing frames, and I couldn't feel better. I even have a wonderful selection of leftovers in my fridge, and tonight I will be cooking up some lovely lamb.

As for the photos you see, top to bottom...

'Divergent' by Veronica Roth. It's a really amazing book. I read half of it in two days, and I borrowed it so that I can finish reading it. It's a dystopia setting, and it's fantastic. It's primarily a young adult book (so easy to read!), but anyone can read it, and I recommend it. I can't quite explain it without giving anything away, but it's fantastic. Especially for those of you who enjoyed books like The Giver and The Uglies.

As for the little lamb... White Purdy's chocolate. It is a lamb. And it was white chocolate. It was very delicious.

And once again... Happy Easter to all of you!

Photo Credit: Lion & Bull