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Hunting in the deep dark woods and further creative ventures


Trooper and Redskin

The above image is from one of my favourite Google Books finds. The book is 'Trooper and Redskin in the Far North-West: Recollections of life in the North-West Mounted Police, Canada 1884-1888.' It was written by John G. Donkin, and published in 1889. It's a wonderful book, and his language is beautiful. I wish to learn to write like Donkin. Well, a cross between Dickens, Thompson, and Donkin. If you wish to read a wonderful account of being in the North-West Mounted Police, you can find the eBook for free on Google.



Today I received some teeth and jaw bones in the mail, and thusly I commenced on making a necklaces. The above is made of a raccoon jaw. All of the bones I received are ones that I bought off of Etsy, from a shop where all of the bones and furs are sourced from natural deaths. For the record.


Gypsy Warrior

New jacket! I ordered it from an online store called Gypsy Warrior. I was absolutely enamored with it, and then it was on sale! I haven't taken it off since I opened the package. The jacket is called 'The Boyfriend Jacket'. It is acid wash denim, with spiked studs on both of the upper arms. It's so comfortable and I think that it's going to be a great piece to layer with... And so nice to wear in the fall! 

I paired the jacket with my Pantera t-shirt, a comfortable cotton high-low skirt from Target, and thigh-high socks from Urban Outfitters. It's a delightfully comfortable outfit. It was raining while we took these photos, but who cares- cozy comfy clothing!


I'm excited for school for a couple of reasons, but the main one is that I will be able to wear cool outfits everyday, and not just in the morning/evenings. I'll have to dress in layers because it will probably be cold soon... but I'm okay with that.

Fashion obsessions of the day: Thigh hick socks, band t-shirts and metal spikes.


A midst all other madness, I am reserving the right to do back-to-school shopping.

A few things are looking up, and if all else fails, I know that I can always enjoy a good day with my fiancee. The day began with going to an old family friend, who is a hairdresser and helped me with some ideas for my wedding hair. 

She gave me some ideas involving knots and kind of tying the hair, and then fascinating it with pins. It's very soft and loose, which is good because my hair will not hold anything else. It's really fine, so it doesn't even hold a tease (A TEASE. When you backcomb the life out of it. It won't hold for more than AN HOUR). The ideas she gave are very pretty and loose and even work my rebel cowlick into the hair style. This works for me, and I got some great hair product from LUSH (a natural-based skin and beauty chain that makes from as many natural ingredients as possible, aims to be very grassroots, and donates a lot to different charities). One of them, which is specifically for dry or curly hair (mine is both!), smells like the woods. Perfect for my life.

Later, we went to buy some art supplies/materials that I needed to create more things for my Etsy shop and get ready for Expos and sales and such. Then we moved on to get some 'back-to-school' things. 

Proud owner of a tie-dye kit (I have ideas), an Alice in Wonderland lunchbox (a metal one!), an album by DAATH, and fox socks. We also picked up some cool notebooks for our classes, some staple clothing pieces, and some delicious tea for our wedding. 

It would appear that despite stress and madness and craziness... We can still find joys in preparing for school and our lives together.

Oh, and Hallowe'en stuff is out at Michael's. I can't express how excited I am. So much Hallowe'en stuff that I want in my home...


Skulls & Denim

Don't you hate it when you're taking a picture of yourself by setting your camera on a tree stump and people driving by give you weird looks? Personally, I think it's perfectly normal for people to do that... Right...


This is kind of based around the fact that I borrowed my fiancee's denim jacket. It's a really comfortable denim-washed and worn down jacket from Urban Outfitters (yes, we're hipsters. I'll hold). Underneath I have my chiffon-type printed shirt from Divine, which is a repeating skull pattern. It's a great summertime top because it's long sleeve and dark, but it's also lightweight. And of course, I've got my fox tail.

Current obsessions: Acid wash denim and fox fur.