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Thrift Store Adventures

Found some neat things at the thrift store! Check out the cool choker I found! (scissors are a separate necklace that I've been wearing). It is metal mesh, with drape-y hanging chains and beads. Struck me as nice and Gothic and Victorian. Pretty nice find for $2.

I found a Wednesday Addams dress (knee length, long sleeves, Peter Pan collar, velvet buttons), a Catpocalypse t-shirt (by which I mean a t-shirt with a skull made of kittens and cats), a book of Victorian and Edwardian ghost stories, and a Charles Dickens-inspired notebook.

I also found a bunch of small trinkets. A large brooch with a 1920s design, I think it might be from the 1920s, as it is painted and is made of an old-feeling plastic; A Frida Kahlo pendant, which is double sided, with two miniature versions of her self-portraits; a vintage locket; metal tips for collars, which attach to fabric with the help of tiny little screws. 

So far, we have found some neat things at the Value Village near our house. Lots of treasures!

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