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Afternoon Tea

Out of curiosity, I decided to look up whether or not there are any places in Calgary that offer afternoon or high tea. I was delighted to learn that the Fairmont Palliser does! 

The Fairmont Palliser
Just going to throw it out there and say that I would love if someone took me to this,  or if I had a reason and money, I would love to take several friends to such a place. It is not inexpensive per person, but it also afternoon tea, with all  of the splendour. When I was in London I really wanted to go to high tea, but you can't really go alone, and I didn't know where to go. However, I saw this couple in a window eating dainties and having tea. That image is affixed to my skull, and I think of it every time I think about high tea. Oh, fair sophistication in a tea cup, how I desire thee. 

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