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Music Monday: Hip Hop Edition

Today was a day for listening to white rappers. 

First, I went on a bit of a Mr. B kick. Mr. B is the Gentleman Rhymer. His music style is what he refers to as 'chap hop'. Because he's a chap. Well dressed, and rocking a banjolele. Today I was listening to his song 'Chap-Hop History'. In this song, he summarizes 30 years of hip hop history, in five minutes.

Afterwards, I listened to some Astronautalis. Lovely fellow. I met him when he played in Calgary December 2012. He's a handsome history enthusiast who is covered in tattoos, hails from Florida, and is one of the coolest rappers I've ever had the pleasure of listening to. Today I stumbled upon this song which I had never heard before, and found that it is a really good tune.

Hip hop and rap definitely isn't a musical genre that is for everyone, but here in the deep dark woods, I'm always listening to a lot of loud beats and fast-paced rhymes. 

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