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Fascinating Discoveries in the Pages of Books

I collect old books. The majority of my books are from the 1920s, but a few are newer, one or two are from the 1910s, and one from the 1840s. I absolutely adore old books. The paper feels different, the pages carry the scent of ages, and the binding is beautiful. They carry such a history, both personal and universal. Thus, I buy all of the old books that I can find, particularly those that tell tales of medical remedies, fairy tales, and curious things. Last night I was flipping through a couple of my books. One in particular stood out to me on this evening. There was one time when my husband (well, fiancee, at the time) and I were at the MCC Thrift Store. He found a copy of 'The Home Physician and Guide To Health, Volume II' from 1935. The first chapter is about Insanity, so I snapped it up happily.

While flipping through it last night, I actually read the handwriting at the front. I had always glossed over it, because of the names and dates. I kind of assumed that they were the owners of the book, or who the book was given to. Instead...

It is a record of who was infected with what, and in what year. Originally, I assumed that it was a list of what shots were administered, and when. However, a friend of mine commented on the photo (above) and explained that those vaccines wouldn't have been invented or perfected yet, and that it was a record of what they were sick with. Fascinating, really. Especially in the way that you can see which was most infectious (measles, and all four children [I presume] got it in 1953, but not at the same time). It's so interesting! Though, I'm definitely glad that such medical advancements have been made, and these diseases are not as prominent as they once were. Thank goodness...

Old books tell so many tales. Especially if you read the handwritten notes. It similar to old photographs- it's amazing to capture a snapshot of life, and the very personal thoughts that haunt all of our minds.

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