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Longbeard Leathers

Today was the Red & White Comic and Toy Expo. It's a great expo to go to- lots of comics and toys, and a few other vendors. It's awesome because you can enjoy the different booths, and it's not as busy or insane as the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo. The CCEE is a lot less about comics now, and it's mostly a pop culture event. It's still cool, but not nearly as much.

One vendor that I met at the Red & White expo was the creator of Longbeard Leathers. She makes different leather pieces, all of which are inspired by nerdy and geeky things, and pop culture. I'm intending to get a custom piece made by her, as I love her bracelets. 

They're nice leather, with beautiful colours. The one that I bought is inspired by Supernatural (one of my absolute favourite television shows). 

Be sure to check out her shop. There's lots of great stuff, and a great way to show off your nerdy tendencies. Not to mention the fact that they're leather, and who can say no to that? You can find a link to her Etsy shop right here.

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