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Hunting in the deep dark woods and further creative ventures


Your thoughts about me, and how that will be transformed into a portrait

My most recent drawing project is to do a surrogate portrait. That isn't the exact title, but basically, we have to take a symbol or an image or an object or something that represents us. Not us, but the artist. In this case, me. For me, this means that I am going to do one of my garment portraits (or portrait garments?)... Only of myself. Which is going to be interesting! However, to make things really interesting, I'm going to diverge away from myself. I'm going to concede that people have opinions or thoughts about me, and I can't possibly encapsulate those ideas (which are far more interesting [to me] than my opinions and thoughts about myself) without asking. So here we are! I am shaking, nervous, and extremely apprehensive. I am wondering if this is a good idea, and if it will create something interesting. I am afraid of the end result, but curious... Then again... Curiousity killed the cat, didn't it? Or in this case... the fox?

All of this being said, if you would like to help me with my piece, please give me a word, image, or short phrase, indicating who you think I am. Does that make sense? Preferably, give a word. But if you want to see me embroider something really complicated... Well, we can't be friends, but I'll still do it. Begrudgingly. Feel free to comment as yourself, or anonymously, or what have you. I just think that this will make for a much more interesting portrait. I mean, let's face it. Otherwise I'll just make a garment that likens myself to some kind of historical character... And I'm not sure that I want to do that.


  1. word, image or short phrase....gentle, curious, determined, hard working, independent, unconventional, non-conformist, honest, purist, subtle humorist, understated, creative, passionate,

  2. Ghost / She drifted in on a breeze; her thoughts echoed throughout.

  3. Nemesism, Lethe, Gökotta,

  4. I tried to find one word or image that even comes close to describing the ever changing, but constantly creative person who is Emmelia. a person who is lovely to behold, a gentle soul, magical, musical and more. I decided that the aura borealis is the perfect image, for all the right reasons. xxxxoooo

  5. attentive, cocoon/nest/web/beard (creation of and deliberate transformation from one to another), tail/tale/mountain, hands, somewhere between the hands and the hair, knife (functional, multi-purpose, also quick)(reflection and action at once).