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A little bit batty

Who loves bats? This gal loves bats. Bats are adorable, freaky little beasts. I have nothing but fond memories surrounding bats. If I could support any endangered animals, I would happily give money to bats, bat conservation, bat house building, and research to stop white mold in bat caves. The works. Bats are fuzzy little beauties, and I love them. Bats and foxes. Foxes and bats. My favourite beasts. I keep thinking that it would be really cool to have a tattoo of bats flying. Or a big flying fox with its wings outspread (for the record, flying foxes are a type of bat that lives in the Philippines and a few other places around there. They have a six foot wing span, and they're so adorable).

That being said, here are my favourite Etsy creations inspired by bats! There are some beauties. As always, links to the items are located below the images, and be sure to check them out!

Bat Hoodie Jacket by veraseyecandy
Bat cluster necklace by CherrylocoJewellery
Twinkle Twinkle Bat Sweatshirt (Mint) by hellocavities
Hand painted tea cup by  BurkeHareCo
Black bat wing scarf by CuteCandyClouds
Beautiful, batty, things!

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