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Collective nouns

A congregation of alligators. A shrewdness of apes. A cloud of bats. A sleuth of bears. An erst of bees. A piteousness of doves. A leash or skulk of foxes. A richness of martens. A superfluity of nuns. An unkindness of ravens. A parcel of sheep. A lamentation of swans. A cohort of zebras. 

Who knew that collective nouns could be so much fun? Isn't the English language deliriously fascinating sometimes? 

In other news, I recently started flipping through 'The Woman's Dictionary and Encyclopedia', illustrated, and published in 1909. I'm not particularly certain that it can be defined as a dictionary. The book is quite selective in what information it offers. Then again, it was pre-Suffragette. Whatever the case, an interesting piece of history, and has been a welcome addition to my collection of etiquette and home-makers books (pre-1950s). 

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