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Day 211: Best intentions

Okay, okay, okay. I had the best intentions of sitting down and making something really great, and really different. However, I decided to be more productive in the long run and do laundry and clean my room. This will make me more productive in the long run. Though I can longer safely open my closet. Whatever. It was doomed any ways. I managed to clean off the majority of my work table. Both on top and underneath. I now have the option to dismantle it and set up my wake table if I want.

Can you believe that this is what it looks like to be clean? Yeah. Me neither.
Now, I will discuss what I thought about making.
1. A 19th century marionette. I was inspired by amazing marionettes on the V&A website. Ones like...
Both of these were made by Tiller Family, in the 1870s. Aren't they fascinating? Especially the one with the three heads!

2. Paint a buzz saw blade. I have one... So why not. I'm thinking something side-show ish. Or something cheeky.

3. Make shorts. My pants have a hole in them. I am thinking that I will now shorten them, and add lace. 

Good news is that tomorrow I will be able to come home from work and do all kinds of wonderful things. Hurrah!

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