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Outfit of the Day

Dressing up in fun clothing is absolutely delightful. This is my first attempt at fashion blogging, in terms of having an outfit that I am pleased with, and telling the world about the pieces that I am wearing and so on. Here is the outfit that I wore while I was at the Telus Spark Science Centre.

I kind of arbitrarily threw this together, but I really liked how it turned out. I keep dressing like an AWOL hippie or something. The outfit is compiled of a few pieces that I picked up yesterday, on sale. 

Camouflage vest- I bought this vest at Urban Outfitters. I've never been to Urban Outfitters before, but I found so many things that I absolutely adored. In the sale section, I found this cool vest. Normally, I wouldn't buy camo, because my brother is in the military and I think that it's sometimes a bit cheesy to wear camouflage when there isn't a point. However, because of the studs and embroidered strips that make it look pretty cool. I've come to really like it. I paid $10, but it was originally $50 or so.

Frontier Hero t-shirt- Also from Urban Outfitters, this is a cool t-shirt. It has a really Americana design on the front, and says 'Frontier Hero' on it. It's a really comfortable t-shirt, and the design just fits to my personality. Old West and Western themes for the win! The shirt ended up being $5, normally $20 or $30.

Galaxy leggings- $10 from Ardene's. 

Denim cut-offs- Made these this morning. Jeans were ripped and I've had them forever. 

Combat boots- Vintage, inherited from my mum. There's beautifully worn, and continue to be the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned.

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