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High time...

I thought that it was high time that I actually post photos of a couple of my steampunk outfits. Both of these photos are from steampunk meet-ups that I have attended recently. I cropped out other people out of one photo (mostly because I'm pressed for time and didn't want to assume that it would be okay. Though the photo is on the internet any ways...).

The tall and skinny photo to the left is my Tim Burton- Dickensian outfit, that I wore to the very rainy Summer Skirmish at the Military Museums. Very few steampunks showed up (because of the pouring rain), but it was enjoyable. Just a tad wet. I'm just delighted to spend time with my beloved friends and fiancee, eat cozy pub food, and find a wake table (I'm so delighted about it. And even better- no more ghostly encounters than normal!).

Last night was this month's steamup, and it was absolutely lovely. It's so nice to be in a funeral home turned pub surrounded by dear friends, all decked out in beautiful costumes. My fiancee and I took a Lovecraftian route. He was a professor, researching idols relating to the Cthulhu mythos. I was a person turned a little mad by looking too far into the eyes, and attempting to read the text. I think that I am going to do a full-on mental patient outfit for October's steamup. Something with a medical corset and a disheveled nightgown and full make up. Last night's outfit was merely a hint. Not remotely obvious.

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