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I'll let you finish, but first I'm going to talk about belts


If you go to my other blog, you will can see me decked out in Victorian/Edwardian inspired clothing. Above is the skirt from that ensemble. What I think is cool about it, is the weird (and extremely unnecessary) corset lacing on the inside of the zipper. I decided to wear the skirt as a dress (it comes to a nice knee length, with the skirt's pleats beginning just below the bust. It's almost as if it was meant to be that way...) with the corset lacing displayed. It probably looks a bit risque that way, though, so I don't think I'll wear it out like that. But still, it looks cool with one of the belts I bought today.



Today I bought two belts. The one in the top two photos is from Ardene's. The one in the bottom two photos is from Value Village. Both are really cool belts. Both of them cost me $6 or less. The only reason I bought the one from Ardene's is because I needed to buy new piercing jewellery for my snakebites, and Ardene's always does 2/$10, 3/$15, 5/$10, et cetera. Some clothing is 2/$40. It usually saves you between five and ten dollars. It's pretty much one of the cheapest places to get accessories, other than Salvation Army or thrift stores other than Value Village. Value Village is actually relatively expensive (and is often more expensive than a dollar store. FYI.). Still, I am pleased with my V.V. purchases today. Four things coming to just under $20. Not bad considering their belts are usually $10. Howe'er, the beautifully masculine and worn looking leather belt I bought was from the men's section, and it was $6! Not bad. I really like it because it's nice leather, with lots and lots of hardware. And it fits me on the hips. It's weird, because even though I'm quite petite, belts from thrift stores usually don't fit me. I've only ever gotten one belt from a thrift store that fit me, but that's because it was really adjustable. That belt is one that I still have, actually. Good belt. Any ways, I like both of the belts I got because they're pretty unique, and the fit my pants really well. They're kind of edgy and unique, and I can dig that. I might even consider tucking my shirt in so that people can see my fancy pant supporters. 

Any ways, I just wanted to share what cool things you can find. And yes, if you want new accessories that won't completely break your bank, I recommend Ardene's. It's a weird system, but their stuff is still cheaper than other shops that sell the same thing. Even without taking advantage of the however many for however many dollars deals. 

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