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Octinimous and other wonders

Last night, I saw one of my favourite musicians live at The Gateway bar in Calgary. One of the best concerts I've ever been to? Yes. Definitely. As far as musicians go, few have inspired me more than this guy. His genre is slotted into 'hip hop', but he's pretty much all genres, and when playing live he's totally punk rock. The audience was kind of lame because they were all of these hipsters standing around, but Astronautalis was rocking out, and I was one of the rockers jumping around and head banging. At one point he got down into the audience and got everyone to start moshing and seriously dancing and rocking out and it was one of the greatest moments of my life. Especially as far as concerts go. The concert was just brilliant, and the stage presence was incredible. After the concert he was at his merch table, signing stuff and shaking hands and talking to people. It's really appreciated when musicians do that. I mean, when they really understand that their fans are the reason they're there, and that it means a lot to people to get to talk to them. 

Now, to continue with what I'm talking about, I need to direct you to the blue tattoos on his right arm (see in the photo above). Near his elbow, there is a single word tattoo (which in the photo looks vaguely like a squiggly line). Since I'm really interesting in tattoo culture and what the meaning behind tattoos are, I asked him about it. From this, I received a lesson in Latin and in history. The tattoo says 'octinimous', which roughly means eight times a name, or a name that is eight times a name. It is best explained in the poem that he got it from.

Let me be exalted
Who causes all things to bud and blossom
it is our root
it is one and seven
it is octinimous
the eight-fold-name
Keep Trust- Keep Faith

O Quam misericors est Deus
Carpe Noctum

Essentially, this was a poem that was hammered to the coffin of the 4th Earl of Bothwell (James Hepburn). A Scot living in Denmark, or something similar. From what I've managed to read, he seems like an interesting fellow. So... yes. I learned a bit of Latin and history from someone I deem one of the coolest people on the planet. I asked him to write down the word on the bandanna that I had bought, and he did, as well as signed it. He was signing stuff for everyone, but I can smile at the fact that he agreed to write down a cool word. In return I offered the 16th century word 'jobbernowl'.

Also, remember the drawing I did that was inspired by his song The Wondersmith and His Sons? The ink and gouache one? Well, I mentioned that I did it, and he told me to send it to him on Facebook. Cool! No idea if anything will come out of that, but... we shall see. Maybe since I talked to him twice he'll remember me more or something. Though overall he seems like a personable person who would have good conversations with anyone. It would be neat to actually have a lengthy conversation with him, since he seems to know a lot about history and all kinds of cool things. I can dig it.

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