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Let's look at my fashion style, shall we?

I'm going to be vain for a little bit, and share what I wore today. I don't know why, but I think it'd be fun to be a fashion blogger. The only thing is, my style is a bit unconventional, and similar enough to different styles but also different enough that I wouldn't be able to define myself. However, after learning about Karen Blanchard today, I'm less concerned. She is a fashion blogger, and I adore her style. It's edgy, full of animal print, vintage finds, and tribal looking jewellery. Cool stuff! And thus, I am influenced to share some of my personal fashion choices. I wore two outfits today. I dressed comfy casual for the morning and again this evening, and changed in the afternoon when I went out into the city.

The outfit to the left is one that I have more or less shared before. It is one of my favourite things to wear for when I'm kicking around the house. Usually I'm not barefoot, though, because I get too cold. Still, I prefer to be barefoot. The outfit consists of a vintage button down Denver Hayes red and green plaid shirt. It's a hand-me-down from my dad. It's cotton, soft, and really comfy. It's nice and long on me, and more or less fits me perfectly (as far as loose men's shirts go). Good thing my dad is quite thin! I only really wear skinny jeans, and conveniently enough, dark skinnies look great with loose shirts. 

To the right, we have what I chose to wear to run errands, meet a friend, and go thrift shopping. For some reason, I chose to wear a skirt. It was that or just wear my ruffle shorts, but I didn't feel like it. Recently, I discovered a style from Japan called 'Mori girl'. It is inspired by the idea of living in the forest. Very natural, loose, comfortable, all while being elegant and beautiful. I realized that Mori is pretty much a name for what I already was, but it has still managed to influence my pairings of clothing. The only difference is, there is still a great deal of steampunk, Victorian, punk, and whatever other styles mesh to form the style called 'Emmelia'. My outfit today was made up of... 
~Layered tights (blue and cool striped/patterned mesh tights that Santa gave me) 
~A tutu-like skirt bought at a consignment shop in Kensington (not my favourite skirt because it tends to ride up and gather static electricity, but I always wear ruffle shorts, so it's not a huge problem. Just a mild annoyance) 
~Purple tank top (purchased for $5 from Ardene's) 
~Victorian and corset inspired cream button up Suzy Shier halter top ($10 new with tags from Value Village. Bargain!)
~Grey cardigan ("borrowed" from my mother)
~Sandy brown "Rocky" style hoodie ($59-ish from men's department at Dick & Jane's)
~Short black cowl neck coat ($20 from Sirens)
~Shawl/Scarf/Wrap- my favourite new source of coziness and layering! (Christmas gift)
~Vintage combat boots (hand-me-downs from mother- they are the best boots on the planet, and I love them)
~Charm necklace (found chain with anchor and pentagram charms, symbolising stability, balance, guidance, and hope)
~Black thermal socks (Christmas gift)
~Embroidered Red Riding Hood green canvas bag (gift from sister), decorated with crystal and marble fox tails (purchased off of Etsy)

My... a lot of layers! Still, after all of that... my favourite clothing items of the day are...

Layered tights! Particularly when there are striped stockings involved. For anyone who has read The Knicker Misadventures, you will probably know that I like striped stockings. Paired with my black combat boots and a pair of thick thermal socks and I am happy!

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