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Merry Christmas!

Well, Merry Christmas, or whatever holiday you may celebrate. Even if you don't celebrate anything at all! It's kind of getting to the point of not being Christmas Day any longer, but as Scrooge learned, the true meaning of Christmas is something that we should always keep in our hearts.

I just wanted to express that my Christmas was great, and I hope yours was too. I love my family, and they know me really well. The photo above are just a couple of the lovely things that my parents and siblings gave me, along with a rolling pin, socks, chocolate, and more. You may have noticed the titles of the books. I will take this time to mention that 'A Practical Guide to Racism' is a satirical book. Satirical to the point of having 'merpeople' as a race. The other two books are going to be fantastic references, and I can't wait to try some of the dress patterns, tips and hints. What I like about my family is the number of useful things that we give each other. That is why I have three spanking new pairs of thermal socks.

Oh, AND I blackened my combat boots, so they will be a bit more protected from water now. Not so much that they don't look worn and cool, but enough that the leather won't wear through. 

Wow. That probably means absolutely nothing to most people. Well, I have posted about my boots before. Maybe someone will recall that. 

Any who... I'm going to get into my brand new black and pink leopard print flannel pyjamas (EEE!! My parents know me so well! Err... I mean... Santa knows me. Ahem.) and curl up with one of my new books until I maybe fall asleep. I'm hoping that tonight is the night that I conquer this stupid insomnia thing. It's not really insomnia, but I can't sleep solid or fall asleep. It makes me really paranoid because of Fight Club. And with that... Good night!

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