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Chocolate Covered

Well, I can cross this off of my bucket list. I ate... Chocolate covered insects! I've wanted to try eating insects for a while, and hey... Not too bad. They actually tasted pretty good, with just a bit of crunch. Just a mild after taste of dirt. It was kind of disturbing to eat the larva one (it was long and skinny and definitely looked like what a larvae would), but still not bad. The box consisted of cricket and larva covered in chocolate, and man. Worth it. Later I also had reticulum tripe (beef tripe) at a Chinese Restaurant. We kind of ordered it by accident, but I kind of liked it. I couldn't eat loads of it, but man... I think we gained a certain amount of credibility when the waitress asked "...Are you sure?" And at that point I accepted it as "You know what... I will never order tripe. The time is now".

Also, there's this Dim Sum/Chinese restaurant in Kensington. SUCH GOOD STEAMED PORK BUNS! And such good rice crepes... Yum yum yum!

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