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I was framed! And slightly more organized.

Ah, kicking back to some Parov Stelar and organizing parts of my space. Primarily framing things and putting up art that I like. I decided to take this opportunity to show off some of my favourite things in my room, and parts of my bulletin board. Well, more like inspiration board. Today's photos are in...sepia! Mostly because it seemed fitting. Somehow. Ish. 

I have a great deal of neat things on my bulletin board, all things being interesting images, inspirational items and ideas, notes, even things I've made. You'd think that with my room, where there are inspiring things everywhere, the everything else would be enough. Still, having a place to just tack things up is quite nice. It collects all these small things into one place. Especially those small things that mean a lot, but are too small and I want them up now, but I can't put them up anywhere else.

Small part of my curiosities/oddities shelf. At some point I really want to document everything and give a full description about the contents. This is one of my favourite parts of my shelf, with things that mean something to me, or that I just like. This collection of items includes a Civil War Minie bullet, a tintype photograph, a jar (long story), a triple strand of pearls (I like pearls... they're so pretty and simple), a Crystal fox face, antlers, a pottery vase from Montana, and in the distance, some framed items!


I framed some Old West postcards, and shelved my large reference books (Oh, I adore surrounding myself with books. The bigger or the older the better).

I even framed my signed Elvira photo! Finally. Now I just need to get a frame for my Doug Bradley (Pinhead). In general, I'm planning to start hoarding and painting frames so that when I'm in a place where I can put holes in the walls, I can hang loads of frames with cool art. Salon style!

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