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I went to the thrift store today (Village de Value) with the intention of finding things for an installation project, and that I would be able to incorporate into my curiosity shelf. Man... Did I score some beauties! Let me list the ways...

1. Test tube spice rack. I know, right?? I'm not really planning on using it for spices, but for storage of things like beads and trinkets, or even actual specimens... I can even hang it on a wall! The test tubes are glass with cork stoppers, and this beauty was $2.00. Oh, the benefits of wandering in circles around a thrift store for over an hour...

2. Brass candlesticks. I bought three candlesticks. Two of them are a set, and I absolutely adore them. They have handle type things, with turn keys and the candle holder part can swivel. I think you can hang them on a wall and use part as a hook. I'm not sure... but whatever the case... So pretty! Though I need to clean wax off, but it's okay. I can deal with it.

3. Coin purse. I bought this because I figured that if I add a chain, I'll add a chain and use it on my White Rabbit steampunk costume. I think it'll work really well to have it as my money holder during the Comic Expo. It has a life old look to. Not real leather, but the brass and everything is quite nice. 

4. Black Oxford-style Pumps. Not shown, because I think a smoker owned them. They're currently de-stinking with essential oils in a plastic bag. However, they fit wonderfully and I bought them with the intention of glittering them up to make Ruby Slippers (I'm in the process of making a steampunk Dorothy costume). However... I like them too much. I might end up making spats to go over top, and I might try making glitter nylons. It's going to be such a whimsical costume. 

5. Bell Jar. Another bell jar! Also, even better, I think it will fit my gopher skull perfectly. Or maybe something of my beautiful little possessions. I have to clean it first (stupid sticky tags), but hurrah! One can never have enough bell jars!

6. Glass. I bought a simple glass to go with my Ouija board project. I think a few people thought I was odd, because I was sitting in the aisle sliding upside glasses around. That's normal, right?

7. Vintage locket with little ceramic heart. Whenever I'm at a thrift shop or a flea market, I snap up any and all lockets that I find. I like using vintage lockets for my solid perfumes, because they're old lockets, that no one else has. I think it's cool because even after the perfume runs out, you have a unique necklace that no one else has. Neat!

8.  Engraved Medallion. This may very well be my favourite piece that I picked up today. It's an old medallion (I think it might be silver), with a simple engraving, which reads 'Faye'. I have this weird thing with collecting personal items that have been abandoned. I think it's why I like having old photographs around. They carry such stories and mysteries. Such enigmas! 


  1. Hey, may I know where is Village de Value located at? :)

    1. It is actually Value Village. I just enjoy giving it fancy names :)
      There are a few around Calgary. I went to the one near Chinook, right off of 58th avenue SW.

    2. Hahah XD which country are you from? :)