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Lydia Deetz in the Graveyard

Today I finally made my way down to the cemetery. It was +10 and really warm, and I was dressed vaguely Lydia Deetz-like. At least an outfit inspired by Lydia and Beetlejuice in general. Outfit consisted of... A big floppy hat (with a chin strap!!), stripped dress (which I pinned up to make bustle-y), a huge belt, black jeans, cardigan, and my platform-heel ankle boots (so comfortable and I love them). Recently I've been going through a Beetlejuice-Black Belles-Tim Burton-hipster goth thing where I only really want to wear black. That or I dress Old West inspired. I've also been loving hats. Particularly wide-brimmed floppy hats (sun! Hssssssssss). 

It was so nice out! I just wanted to stay there all day. It was weird, though. Today is Good Friday, and apparently it was the day where people were going to the cemetery. What makes it weird, though, is the fact that it was people treating the cemetery like a public park going to the cemetery. A bunch of people walking dogs, some people having picnics, laying around and reading. One guy was playing music and later had his shirt off. I'm fine with people hanging out at the cemetery (I'd be such a hypocrite if I wasn't), but I think it's a place where you should probably wear a shirt. Cemeteries are hallowed ground, that call for respect. Yes, they're nice and quiet, and beautiful places to be on a sunny day, but don't treat it like any other park.

Still, I had a lovely time! I saw a jack rabbit. It was moulting its fur so it was starting to turn from white to brown. I always like to imagine that I'm following a white rabbit (though jack rabbits are technically hares), so I pretended that I was. Then I realized that it is a hare. And then I realized that it's the 29th of March. It's a MARCH HARE. My inner Alice went wild. I followed until the creature stopped, and starting cleaning itself. I wandered off, and then noticed that just ahead from the jack rabbit, the tombstone had the name Alice. I went wild and got terribly excited. How magical! I followed a white March hare to the tombstone of Alice. My existence is whimsical macabre and thus I live a fairy tale. 


Such a beautiful day. I did a little bit of a vlog while I was there, and you can find it on my YouTube channel (Grimm Fabrications). If you're at all interested, that is!

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