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Today I received something beautiful in the mail.

Not too long ago, this artist from Calgary created an IndieGoGo project to save his eyesight. He was stricken with a serious issue that would cause him to go completely blind. Thus, the money raised would go towards the surgery to save one, if not both, of his eyes. As an artist, to lose eyesight is a terrible change. It is for anyone, but when your life depends on the ability to see... I can't even imagine. With the help of lots of supporters, he was able to raise enough money to save both of his eyes. As thank you's for support, he offered pieces of his beautiful ceramic work. As a birthday present, my mum backed the project, and allowed me to choose what piece I would like. I chose the 'All seeing steampunk eye' pendant, in brown. It is such a beautiful piece of art. It is a small pendant, made up of Celtic knots, an eye, and a little gear in lieu of a normal pupil. As you can see. Behold! As I explain in great detail, something that there is a photo of!

It was a really nice surprise to find in the mail, especially after such a long week (and one that isn't over yet!). As soon as I opened it, I found a piece of cord and tied it on as a choker. It's a nice weight and carries a bit of steampunk with me, even when I'm not full steam.

Also, for a fun bonus- I'll explain my silver necklace! Some people will see a pentacle and think "Gasp! Satanist!". However, I can assure you that this is not the case. This is what I call my charm necklace. I wear it almost every day, and it holds a lot of significance. The pentacle (five pointed star within a circle) is a Pagan symbol, and represents balance and the elements (the elements being human spirit, earth, air, fire, and water), and how all elements are interconnected (thus the fact that the pentacle is one continuous line). The anchor behind it is a symbol of stability and hope. Finally, there is my engagement ring, which speaks for itself. Except maybe 'Why is it on a necklace and not your finger?'. Well, I work with my hands a lot, and sometimes I need to wash my hands frequently.  It's just better than my ring doesn't get dirty, but I have it on my necklace because I feel lost without it. Fun fact- there is always a ghost ring on my ring finger. I can feel the ring, and I'll go to play with it, but alas- it will be on my necklace instead. 

Having a new and precious jewel to wear (even if it doesn't look like a jewel) is such a nice treat. Especially since the artist is local, and he's so talented! Be sure to check out his work at Trespasser Ceramics

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