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Further Adventures in Food and Art

I've noticed a trend in a few of my posts recently. It seems that I have a thing for posting about the food I made, along with whatever piece I made or worked on. May as well follow that trend while I'm on a roll.

Today, I was in need of some delicious protein. Since the closest grocery store is the organic food store (back to that again), that is where I went. I picked up some arbitrary beef (something bloody and steak-like), and went home. Recently I've been on this weird schedule of eating breakfast late, and having lunch/dinner at 4 in the afternoon. It's not really a bad thing. Then I just have a snack later on at night. This meal was particularly delicious. I had a craving for fried mushrooms (along with beef), so I cooked up some of those and made some frozen vegetables. Still vegetables! I just don't have to worry about them going bad.   Mm-mm good!

As for art and creations, I was busy today. I made a couple of pieces for a gallery, started work on an order for an Etsy customer, and spent well over two hours beading the piece above. This is a collar type piece, made of fox fur, ribbon, and glass beads. Recently I've been enjoying doing bead work on pieces, and encrusting things with jewel-like things. Maybe that's just the magpie-pirate-aristocrat in me. I'm contemplating taking this piece further, but at the same time, I like it where it is. It still needs to be finished (in terms of clasp or what-have-you), but it's kind of neat, I think. In a weird tribal-royalty-chic kind of way? I think that recently I've been incredibly inspired by a Black Lotus Clothing photo shoot, in which Wednesday Mourning was the model. I guess by all definition, I'm inspired by the pieces by Black Lotus Clothing. However, I'm never inspired by any of their pieces, except for when they're modelled by my favourite alternative model.

Now I am more or less kicking back for the rest of the evening. I'm finally seeing Resident Evil (kind of), and it's not bad. Gotta love zombie movies! Though zombies have become a wee bit overrated and overused. Whatever the case... I find it important to see all of the classics.

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