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Health and You

Today, I remembered that I needed to buy milk. I was exhausted from a late night concert (Said The Whale! Finally!!), and because of this, didn't recall that I needed milk until after I had fallen asleep on the train and almost missed my stop.

Because of the location of my dwelling, I'm not really close to any real grocery stores. The closest things are convenience stores and a health food store. Due to the fact I feel dirty when I buy milk or any home food items from convenience stores, I decided to be adventurous and go to the organic food store (or health food store).

Health and organic foods are something that I have mild issues with. Just because something says 'organic', and you have to pay a great percentage more, does not mean that it is a miracle cure for healthiness. You may or may not be getting the same types of chemicals, but things like chips are still chips. Cheese is still cheese. A muffin is still a calorie loaded breakfast treat. People who only shop organic and only at expensive health food stores strike me as pretentious and only a little bit misinformed. I'm sure that they're great people, but great people can still be uppity.

So, I went to the organic food store for milk. Have you ever tried buying milk at an organic food store? There is no such thing as just milk. It is either magic milk made from beans or nuts or sheep, or it's highly organic, or it's three dollars more than a normal thing of milk. I decided to settle on some milk in a glass bottle. I figured that since I was spending way too much on milk as it was, I may as well make it special. Also, drinking from glass is far better than drinking from plastic.

After buying the milk, and some pistachios for a snack, I walked home, pondering what kind of step I had just taken in my life, and seriously questioning my overall diet.

Also, I was going to buy couscous. Could I find couscous? No! There was no couscous. What kind of health food store doesn't have the most perfect instant pasta in the universe??

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