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Major Accomplishments

Right now you might be looking at the title of this post, and looking at the above photo, and then looking back to the title, scratching your head slightly, wondering if I really intended to write the title. The answer is... Yes, I did. Yes, the photo is of a sandwich, Babybel cheese, and some (relatively sad looking) apple slices. This was my lunch/early supper, and boy. Is it an accomplishment!

This, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the first non-wrap, non-bun, non-grilled, non-toasted sandwiches I've EVER MADE. Am I proud? Yes! Was it delicious? YES! It was some 60% whole wheat bread, sliced chicken, mixed lettuce, and Caesar salad dressing. "What? Caesar salad dressing?" you're asking. Yeah! Caesar salad dressing. Try it sometime. This sandwich was basically a chicken Caesar salad in sandwich form. With the side cheese and apple slices, it was the perfect lunch, fun for anyone able to eat solid food!

Oh, I also learned that organic milk from a glass bottle tastes super delicious. Unless it's just my imagination. Whatever the case (placebo effect or not), I'm enjoying it.

In the realm of other things that I actually did today...

This is a red fox jaw with glass rhinestone teeth. It was missing the teeth, and it was actually why I chose this one. This is the first step towards being a neat (and weird) fascinator. Since this photo was taken, it has the addition of a fox paw which is for some reason antler shaped. I just need to add some kind of thing so that it can attach to a person's head. It's really quite pretty, actually. I might be hard pressed to give it up... Nonetheless, I have a goal to create a body of work focused on making pretty things out of dead things. I'm also going to make a fascinator out of a fox scapula and pearls or something of the sort. And a vintage birdcage veil, I think. More details on that later.

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