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Good find!

Today I had a great day out with a friend of mine. We had coffee/hot chocolate at my favourite coffee shop (well, favourite one downtown- Caffe Rosso), and then went to almost all of the cool parts of the city. We checked out some really cool high end clothing stores (one of which carries Alexander McQueen clothing), as both of us are quite fond of expensive, well-made, and beautiful fashion. He and I drooled over some $700 vests and a really cool $300 (about) jacket (which was half price. If I had $125... I tell you). I really like men's clothing, and have realized that I prefer to look at men's clothing. It's nice and fashionable without being as in your face as women's clothing often is. 

We also went to some second stores. And man, I found some cool things.

Yes, the one to the left says 'Engineeeing'. As in 'engineering' spelt wrong. It's a men's shirt that I got second hand from Divine on 17th. It also has the name 'Rocco'. I'm intrigued as to the story behind it. Goodness, I could write a million stories about the potential histories of all the strange objects I have in my possession. Maybe I should...

To the right, are the perfect pair of boots. I've been wanting to replace my cheap man-made-materials $30 boots, since they aren't super great. While in a store called 'Used' on 17th Avenue (a store I really like), I was looking at their boots, and my friend pointed out these sweet duds. He kind of wishes that they fit him, but they fit me like a dream. They're used, broken in, comfortable, and the exact boots I had in my mind. Yesterday I was looking at boots (on sale) at Aldo, since I like their shoes and boots. However, I didn't really want to pay $120 or more for a pair of boots that I'm not head over heels (ha) in love with. Even if they would last a long time. I like looser fit at the calves, with a look that says spurs and 19th century Old West cowboy. Ergo... These boots! They smell kind of gross, so I'm trying to de-stink them using essential oils. Still... worth it. For the perfect boots... for $54... I am willing to wait to get them less stinking. They're just so great! And will go perfectly with my steampunk character. Hilariously, they're almost identical to the cheap boots I have... Only these ones are the legit.

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