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Prolific Mice and Pasta Sauce

Okay, these two subjects are quite unrelated. However...

One. Pasta.
I made a fantastic white sauce. Basic white sauce, mixed with some feta and parmesan, with a dash of hemp seeds and herb/spice mixture. Result? I wish I made more.

In other news, I left for school, and when I returned around 6 o'clock, my mice looked like this:

Apparently this was a well-deserved nap. They had moved all of their nesting material and a lot of their bedding onto their loft space. ALL OF IT. Now, they had teamwork, but nonetheless.... They were busy. Even after preparing my loom all day, and writing an essay, they make me feel lazy. But then again, I could totally climb walls while carrying building material in my mouth. Y'know. If I wanted to.

Comfy? I think so.

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