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Send Bronwyn to Quebec

I recently learned that an incredibly talented artist friend of mine was accepted into an artists' residency in a small town in Quebec. This is a fantastic opportunity for her, and I have the greatest hopes for her. The residency is an opportunity to work on a self-portrait series she's been working on, and as it's in Quebec, she needs a little help...

Bronwyn is a truly wonderful human being, and her art is beautiful, inspiring, and she is definitely going places. So... why not help out? And what? She's offering perks for helping her out? You could own a Brownyn Schuster original before she's famous. How great is that?

To contribute (or at least check out her art and what she's all about) click on the link here: Send Bronwyn to Quebec

1 comment:

  1. What a wonderful cause to help out a very talented artist! Even if all you donate is $15, she will be that much closer to getting to Quebec to paint for three months.