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The Mice

Yes, I'm posting about my mice again. They're just so neat! Look to the left to see Whiskey climbing the cage, after realizing where water can come from. Look to the right to see all three of my lovely girls, whipping around, running, and being mice! 

Today, I don't know why, but Winchester (my black mouse) was going completely psycho. It was like she was hyper or something. She would whip around, jump around, run on the wheel, spin around, and then dash around. I was kind of worried because it was kind of unlike her.

HOWEVER, then I started singing 'Home' by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros. That caught her attention, so she started calming down. After a while, she was settling back into their nest with the other two. I gave her a piece of raw silk, and with that, she was calm.

Indie music and quality fabrics. I have taught my mice well. For some reason, my mice seem to like indie and folk music. At least, if I sing to them. Maybe they just like song singing. It just so happens that the songs I choose are indie and folk. Sometimes hymn based songs (I sing a lot of the songs off of the O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack).

Today I almost got them to crawl into my hand. I put some plain unsalted crackers into my hand, and they took them out. Whiskey wanted to eat my finger. She kind of bit me, but it was more gumming (she didn't use her teeth, but she was definitely testing the waters. I'm just glad that she didn't actually bite me. I think she learned that I'm not food, though. So that's good). 

It might seem like I post about my mice a lot. That might be true. I just really like them.

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