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'Shoes' by Tiga. One of my favourite upbeat techno-ish but not-quite songs, and what I think of when looking at fancy heels.

Let me take a minute to be mildly shallow. I want to talk about... The shoes I bought for over 50% off! They're flashy and make me... about 5" taller. 

Practical? Not in the least. Am I going to go anywhere alone while wearing these bad boys? Definitely not. However, I finally have cool shoes to go to fancy restaurants and gallery openings in. I know it's still winter, but the friends I go to said venues with are gentlemen and would give me a hand. Which, I'll probably need when wearing 5" heels. I do really like these shoes, though, and they were so inexpensive. Shopping on sale at Aldo is one of the best things ever. Aldo has great shoes, and as far as shoes go, their regular prices are pretty decent for the quality they offer. Needless to say, buying shoes that were 40% off, and then another 30% was taken off from the sale price... Not too shabby. I'll need to get my hands on some heels that are a little easier to walk in, but these leopard print, hair-textured killers are just so cool. 

Fun fact: I'm currently wearing them while wearing black and pink leopard print flannel pajama bottoms. I haven't gotten dressed yet, but I am breaking in heels. And rocking a lot of leopard.

I'd just like to think that these photographs epitomize the kind of person I'll be someday. Weird taxidermy and entire outfits made of leopard print.

Including shoes.

Yeah, I'll be one of those old ladies. Fabulous and a half.

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  1. Now those are some killer shoes!
    And what a song.