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Autem Mortimer

As promised, I finally have photos of the outfit that I made in the span of two weeks, in order to comfort myself during the time leading up to a steampunk event that I had planned and organized. I will likely never do that again, but on the bright side, I know what I am capable of in terms of designing and sewing. A full outfit in two weeks? Easy.

To explain, the outfit I created is the outfit of my character, Autem Mortimer. She is a young woman from Bannack, Montana, living there during the mid-1860s and into the 1870s. Her story is a painful one, and very extensive. Needless to say, the world she lives in is not the historic Old West we know, but one with steampunk attributes. This particular outfit created around her is from when she first moves West to Bannack, in hope of starting a new life after her husband is killed during the Civil War. All of the aspects of the clothing tie into either her character and history directly, or are things that would be common in this version of Montana/Montana Territory/Idaho Territory.

Without further ado....

 For the record, the character's hair would not normally be worn down. However, it was quite hot out, so I didn't feel like inserting my wool dreadlocks.

Also on the record, all aspects of this outfit were either made from scratch using found fabrics, or were re-purposed items (most of the re-purposed come from period-appropriate fabrics). The bustle skirt is my own design, and will be available for custom orders quite soon (as soon as I get a couple more made, for variety).

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  1. I love the large photo of you/Autem stepping down. It is quite lovely.