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Scone Nibbles

Ta-da! Weekly baking! This week I scoured Pinterest for a recipe which was delectable in appearance. This, of course, was not difficult to find, since everything on Pinterest looks delicious. The hard part was choosing something. I settled on 'Scone Nibbles' (you can find the recipe here). The recipe was quite successful, but I don't have any icing sugar (as far as I know), so I'll have to find something else to make a glaze out of. However, I have already devoured three, and have found that they're just fine without a glaze. Still, if you like something sweeter, I would suggest putting the glaze on.

For the chocolate pieces, I shaved and chopped three blocks of Bakers' chocolate. One block of unsweetened and two white chocolate. The unsweetened gives a really nice bitterness, and I don't know if you can taste the white chocolate or not, but I'm sure that it adds something.

I'm not sure how good mine look compared to the ones shown in the recipe, but I imagine that if I did add a glaze, they would look just as good and tens times as tasty (for the record, I'm basing 'tens times as tasty' off of the fact that if you ate the image on the recipe, it wouldn't taste very good. Unless you like electronics with your tea).

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