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Curiouser and curiouser

Interest and excitement... Perhaps? I like weird things (shocking) and I also like making weird things. Today, I gained ownership of this bizarre porcelain-type doll. It's quite old (not sure how old). I'd like to make something out of it, or continue posing it with my lovely cat skull.

Along with that claim to ownership, I made a box, or rather decorated one. It's an evil Tooth Fairy box. It ties with a ribbon. The tooth in the shadow part box is a tooth from a cow skull. The cow skull was one that I found on the prairie. After finding a few skulls on the prairie, I've become weirdly fascinated with the idea of using bovine mandibles in larger pieces. I thought of trying to articulate a full cow skeleton. Then I realized... wait. I have absolutely no use for a giant skeleton. Instead, I just pulled a couple of loose teeth and made something like the piece below.

Marvellous. I'm delighted with things!

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