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Just a couple of arbitrary tidbits...

A couple of things that don't necessarily warrant their own post, but I want to share with the world...

1. Crazy $6 t-shirt from Wal-Mart.
I will say that shopping at Wal-Mart makes me hate myself (and now their poly-fill stuffing has gone up to SEVEN DOLLARS! Isn't that an outrage? It used to be four, and I did believe that I couldn't get it cheaper anywhere else). However, I do enjoy buying cheap tank tops since I wear a lot of them and it makes sense to buy cheaply if I go through a lot any ways (FYI: You do get what you pay for, and I do like my more expensive tank tops way more). I also enjoy finding weird t-shirts. When I was at Wal-Mart (before being horrified at the rapid jump in the price of their craft stuffing), I found this doubleplusgood t-shrit.
Yeah. It's a cheetah (or leopard?) wearing a feather headdress. What? Yeah! That happened. It was the only one left or the only one to begin with and I've never been so happy to fit a x-small.

2. I made myself into a comic book character (without the help of those scammy-looking adverts on the side of social websites).
Ever want to edit your photos to amazing wonderment for free? Use Picasa. It's from Google, and it's glorious. I enjoy Google. They offer things that I need or want for free, and it's often better than other sites or services. Which is why I got this result...

....While editing my steampunk photos. How cool is this?? Very cool, that's how. I never have to be good at art again. I can just be a photographer for the rest of my life!

Kidding... I support the arts... But seriously. Google, you're great. I welcome you onto my computer with open arms and a happy smile.

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