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Miscellaneous Mondays! Er.. I mean... Tuesdays...

Today was a day spent watching seasons of television shows on DVD, and making things. I got the majority of a skirt done, but I'm not completely pleased with it. Things need to be fixed and such... That will be done tomorrow or Thursday. Some time before I go to Montana to research and wonder and adventure in a Steampunk fashion.

To take a break from sewing, I decided to hunker down with Hellbound: Hellraiser II. It's a good 1980s horror movie, and in some ways I like it better than the first Hellraiser movie. I haven't watched any horror movies for a while (especially in the way of old horror movies), so it seemed like a good idea. That, combined with trying my hand at making chainmail. Chainmail proved to be a little frustrating, especially late at night. I used two sizes of jump rings (since a mix is what I had). I think that it may have made it easier, since I had a way to differentiate between what rings were supposed to link with what. The result of a while of work is...

It looks okay, I guess. Chainmail is one of those things where you need an extreme amount of it. Which is fine. I guess. Ish...

In other news, we have swallows living around our house. We always have, and they nest happily every year. They have had their babies, and their little chicks are almost fully grown, and probably ready to learn how to fly quite soon.

Aren't they dear?

[Note: I realize that baby birds has nothing to do with Hellraiser or chainmail. Still, I wanted to share the joy of birds with everyone.]

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