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Shrodinger's Cat

...And cupcakes and sprinkles!
Every Wednesday, I bake. After a horrific episode, I decided that the best thing to make would be cupcakes. Cupcakes with sprinkles. And my usual ironic/strange/whatever messages that suggest I have stolen the cupcakes from someone.

Today, I followed suit with the latter, continuing from last summer. Last summer, cupcakes said such thing as 'Congratulations Steve' and 'Too bad Carol'. The cupcakes I decorated this morning are actually clever, and I will heavily congratulate anyone who gets it.

Since it's a little bit jumbled (limited space, y'know), I will kindly type the message with this beautifully clear font.

The letters read: "Erwin, I'm sorry about your cat." Only, quite obviously, in cupcake format.

Get it? GET IT??

Okay, I'll explain. You're aware of Schrodinger's Cat, yes? Well, it was a theory/experiment conducted, in which the end hypothesis is that if you cannot see the result, it is both of the possible results at the same time. In this case, a cat is put into a box with poison. The box is completely sealed. The idea is that without the actual answer, the cat is both alive and dead. I'm really not explaining this very well. I understand it, but for those of you who can't understand my banter (especially regarding science-y stuff), here is the link to the Wikipedia page about Schrodinger's Cat... Which may or may not be easier to understand.

Any who... Erwin is Schrodinger's first name. Ha ha ha... After haughtily explaining it (barely) it doesn't seem as funny. You be the judge. Regardless of if my co-workers find it funny or not, they get delicious cupcakes to help them get through a Wednesday. Everybody wins.

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