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Recently I've been spending a lot of time on Etsy. Maybe more time than I should. At least it feels that way, but it's probably not true at all. Maybe it's just because my searches on Etsy have been more fruitful, and I've been finding some amazing things.

I'm a fan of things that have a bohemian feel to them. Things that are bohemian or tribal or a mixture of the two. Soft and natural, with a bit of a wild and hippy feeling to them. The aesthetic has been appealing to me a lot recently, and it's feeding into my steampunk style more and more. Enjoy these lovely things, and be sure to check out the shops. The links are the descriptions beneath the photographs.

Bohemian feathered hair clip by Roots of Life Designs
Bohemian blonde human hair extensions by Nina's Creative 
Boho Feather Crown by Lolafina
Wolf teeth leather bracelet by Mellow Memory
Crystal Visions necklace by Scarlett Fire Jewels
I find all of these creations to be really inspiring. They look so lovely, and the shops carry all kinds of great wares. It's always a delight to see the kind of talent that exists, and in such a wide variety!

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