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The simple things

When I was finished work for the day, I had a wonderful 20 minutes. I walked to the Deane House garden and reveled at how the plants are growing, and how lovely it is. The above photo is some of the roses. Beautiful! To make things even better, when I was walking back to my garden, I remembered the heritage saskatoon berries that grow in front of my work place. They are not touched by pesticides or any kinds of chemicals, and they are ripe and lovely.

While I was picking them, I felt like an Aesop's Fable waiting to happen. Not sure why. I guess for some reason the situation made me think of The Fox and The Grapes or whatever that one is called. I think the fox ends up falling into a river or something. 

I washed the berries using some water that I had, and the sealer lid from a mason jar. It made me smile, because of how much it testifies to how I was raised. Makes me think of Little House on the Prairie in a way. Or something similar. Whatever the case, it amused me that I was picking saskatoon berries, and washing them with a mason jar. 

Sometimes it's just nice to have moments that are completely your own. The quiet solace of enjoying something that feels secret, and you are momentarily in your own world. Even if it's only for twenty minutes... it's perfect.

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