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Outfit of the Day

Today it was rainy and cold. A nice change, I won't lie, but I'm still not ready for cold weather. I have been enjoying the summer. Maybe not the hot-hot days, but for the most part... Still, I do enjoy being able to wear sweaters and layers. The coolness prompted me to pull together an outfit inspired by bohemian styles, fall, and Black Mountain. 

Recently I've been really inspired by bohemian styles and themes. Things that make me think of animals and the woods, campfires and mountains. Today's outfit consisted of...

White embroidered fringe top ($30, on sale, from Urban Outfitters)
Tribal pattern tank top (can't remember how much, but I bought it from a boutique in Swift Current)
Jessica Simpson jeans ($35, on sale, from The Bay)
Woodland animal hooded sweater (borrowed from fiancee)
Italian made Oxford-style pull on ankle boots ($135 from Winners. Normally $300)
All seeing steampunk eye necklace (from Trespasser Ceramics)
Make-shift stone necklace (normally a d20 necklace, gift from fiancee, but I temporarily took out the dice so that I could incorporate a crystal or a stone into my outfit... I can't remember what type of stone it is)
Canvas bag from the Tate Modern, decorated with marble fox tail and red fox face with some tea-stained lace. (And before anyone gets upset, I always have some kind of animal on me, but it is always fur from a natural death, such as road kill.)



Last but not least, I was very proud of my makeup and hair. Even though I was inside and working on a custom order all day, I still managed to do the best hairstyle that I've done in weeks (kind of a messy side-bun) plus makeup that I was really pleased with.

Fashion obsessions of the day: Stone crystals, fringes, and lace.
Colours: Browns and creams.

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