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To boot

If you watch my most recent vlog, you will see my showing off  random accessory-type object that I found on a quick jaunt to the thrift store. The above is a better image (albeit a bit blurry, and not a great photograph...). I have no idea what it is supposed to be. It is a long piece of skinny leather (terrible leather) with a tiny buckle, and three conchos. It's a curious thing. It was laying on one of the glass display cabinets, all alone. I left it, and then returned later. It was still there, so I figured that it was free gain. It is now tied around my boot, and it looks pretty cool if I might say so myself. Now I know what I can make for fairly cheaply if I want to dress up my footwear. Bootcuffs and shoecuffs is where the real money is at. Kidding. I think.

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