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Outfit of the Day

The photos for this are less than satisfactory, because of the fact that it was raining and therefore painful to try to find a spot to sit my camera, in order to get a full body photograph. Nonetheless... perseverance! I've decided that I want to do more 'fashion' blogs, describing style and what I find to be a satisfactory way to dress. Also, it's about time that I post on this blog more often. I'm also thinking about doing a historical or oddity blog of the week or something. That is news for another day, though!

This outfit is from yesterday, but it pleased me because it's a bit more spring-y or summer-y than I normally wear. Even though it's usually between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius outside, I still manage to wear black, with heavy ex-uniform jackets and clothing that is not exactly suited to being in the sun. Yet, yesterday when it was pouring buckets (or at least sprinkling. Until it changed drastically and was sunny again, that is), I found that it suited me to dress in light colours and more feminine clothes. With as little black as possible (other than my bag, umbrella, scarf,and shoes. And eyeliner... And under-tank top... I swear, this is very little black for me!). I was mostly driven by wanting to layer, and wanting to wear a coat that I really like, but have never had the chance, nor weather, nor mood, to wear. Yesterday, though... That was the time and place. Again, I apologize for not having a full body photograph, with everything in the same image. I'm never gusty enough to makeshift a tripod. Especially when it's drizzling.

My spring time outfit (albeit the fact it's summer now... Isn't it?):
Dusty rose wool jacket, by Urban Behavior (gift from a family friend)
Mint green cardigan $10 from Stitches)
Black tank top (has been in my possession for ages)
White cut-back tank top with flowery rib cage design ($8...ish, from Stitches)
Jessica Simpson blue jeans ($35 on sale from The Bay)
Engraved necklace ($3 from Value Village)
Charm necklace (gift, odds and ends, had for years)
Black scarf with red and purple velvet details (gift from my Mum)
Flower headband ($8 from Claire's)
Black Oxford style runners ($50 from Aldo)

It occurs to me that a majority of the things that I mention are not really visible. Nonetheless, there you go. I bequeath upon you the knowledge of my clothes. The majority of which I have had for a really long time. 

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