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Apple today, Gone tomorrow

Behold, the apple. Roughly fist sized. Sweet and juicy. Delicious. I eat them during car trips, and tend to cut them up into slices, making the apple to convenient sizes, allowing me to pick up a piece and munch on it whenever the mood strikes me.

That is how I discovered that this apple was aspiring to become a tree. Or, its child was?

I think the idea of a sprout growing out of an apple seed is super cool. I mean, apple seeds are incredibly small, yet contain small amounts of poison, and reside within a fruit. Not an overwhelmingly exciting existence. And yet, here is the little seed, deciding that it wants to be a tree. It's kind of mind-blowing. It's like... A tree, within an apple. The tree grows apples, but the apple is growing the tree. WHAT?!

Again, my anxious guilt regarding eating fruit and vegetables. I still have the most issues with yeast, but now I think of ambitious little apple seeds wanting more out of life. Yeah, I still ate it. I feel better about it since I have been inspired by the apple seed. It's probably a sign or a message or something... Right?

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