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How To Find New Things

New discoveries! Without the use of social networking. Instead... Google images. Today, I discovered a fantastic indie band, simply by typing in bizarre things into Google images. Undoubtedly, this could be horrible hit-or-miss, but today is was an absolute success. I was typing in 'fabric tent spooky' and one of the results was a picture of a band called 'Spooky Campers'.

For the record, this is the image I found:
Which allowed me to conclude that they were an indie band. Was I correct? Yes. Are they amazing? DEFINITELY.

I can't really describe their sound. They remind me of mixtures of other music I've been frequenting lately, like Wolf & Cub, maybe some alt-punk, some Black Keys type sounds, all the while having a definite Canadian feel. I don't know what that means, but it means something, and it's there. I'm proud to be from the same country as such musicians.

Just to be safe, here is a link to the music on Bandcamp. Enjoy, enjoy, and enjoy further!

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