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International Steampunk Day

In world news, today is International Steampunk Day. It is on June 14th because of H.G. Wells' birthday. A gentleman who is responsible for the inspiration of such a beautiful and awe-inspiring sub-culture. This guy:
I wasn't able to celebrate the day to its fullest, since I had to work. However, I'm sure that I would have done plenty of 19th century adventurers proud, working along side the fossils of prehistoric beasts. Tip of a hat to you, Mister Edward Drinker Cope.

However, I did still try my best to steam up in as much of my gear as possible. The underbust corset with front lacing, knee high boots with large zippers and buckles, and a 19th century necklace which I recently inherited.

Stop as steampunk and Old West as I'd like to be... but in a snap it works, and it's nice to be wearing some of my favourite clothes again.

Now, off to create Steampunk things and listen to tales of automatons and gun slingers... Brothel madams wielding derringers and flying machines which reach the stars. Best wishes on this day to you all!

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