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We've had many garter snakes around our house. They like to spend their time around our front step, slithering around and enjoying their snake-y life. There is one that has gotten stuck in a small hole twice or three times now, and we're concerned about that one. Today, we came across another who might be the same snake, but we're not sure. There was a curious thing about its head...

It's hard to tell, but there's a curious little bump or gash on the side of its head. It almost looks like the poor thing ripped part of it head. It's lively and well, and if it is a wound,  it's healing quite well. If this is the same snake that keeps getting stuck, I'm quite thrown by it.

Why, you ask?

Well.... 1) I've never heard of a snake getting stuck. 2) I've never seen anything like a snake presumably ripping its face off, but still able to heal. I'm impressed by this snake, but also saddened. It's having a tough time. When I was called over to see this snake, it was thought that it might be two headed. Which would have been too cool. However, it is not... It's just an extremely resilient (and pretty) snake.

For the record, two headed snakes do exist, and tend to thrive quite well. The situation of conjoined twins happens in all species, but for some reason, with Honduran Milk Snakes in particular, they seem to be relatively common ("relative" meaning, in this sentence, that it's still 1 in at least 10,000 or more). And they're so pretty....

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