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Muffins and Pinholes

Well... I made muffins... Chocolate chip banana muffins, no less!

I have also been experimenting with pinhole cameras (which I've done before, and love the process of). So far my only truly successful photo is this one:

I'm not sure how it's supposed to be aligned, and I'm not even sure what I took a photo of. It's still the negative, so I have no idea what the big white (actually big BLACK) blur on the top left is. I took it in a cemetery on a really sunny day, and I really have no idea what happened. The other ones I've attempted either didn't expose properly or something. This one is fairly successful, despite the mystery. It looks ghostly (shocking! It's pinhole!), which I like. I'm probably not going to turn it into a positive, simply because I like it this way.

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