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Blah... such a long time since I last posted. My apologies to those of you who follow my blog and are actually interested in what I have to say.

Now, for an update. I'm currently contemplating following in the creative footsteps of a friend of mine, and giving myself the hefty challenge of making something every day for an entire year. I'm not sure if I can be dedicated enough, but...

For now I'm trying to make any entire steampunk outfit in the span of two weeks, almost entirely from scratch. A lot of the materials I'm using are recycled and found, and basically whatever I have laying around. Here are a few things I've been working on...

The last one is dark and a bit obscure. Why? It's part of my steampunk outfit! And I shan't reveal any of it until the ultimate reveal. Just wait....

The top two are going to be on my Etsy shop very soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

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