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Christmas in June!

Oh, to receive orders (and surprise packages!) in the post. It's wonderful! Even if you bought most of the things that you received. Who cares!

First of all, check out all of these great packaging details. I'm very fond of when sellers and companies offer an extra little something in the delivery that brings a smile to the opener's face. For example...
Nimble Matters
Yes. The last one had a stow-away. To be fair, in the picture it is a sauropod, which is typically Jurassic, and the true stow-away was a type of plesiosaur. None the less, I shall welcome it with open arms. Plus, it's glow in the dark.

Oh, what fun things! Such a mess from packaging, but lots of exciting things. Too many to really show, but to give you an idea... I received some charms, some optical lenses, goggles, pinhole cameras and developing kits, and, my new pet...
My mouse! Hieronymous! The last name is still being debated, as Hieronymous is naturally a name that has to be followed by something. Like Hieronymous Bosch, one of my favourite dead painters (and painters in general). It is my favourite name, and therefore, that is the name of my darling taxidermy mouse. It was saved from being eaten by a snake, and was instead transformed into this adorable little thing, which is soft with big black eyes and a pleasant demeanour. For all of you taxidermy enthusiasts out there, I got it as a custom order from Nimble Matters on Etsy. The communication with the seller was top-notch, and I couldn't be more pleased. I highly suggest the shop for anyone looking for a tiny mouse friend.

In other news, this is the mess that I was left with...

Worth it? Oh yes. I'm going to have fun for weeks. I have so many things to make! I'm so inspired, and I have a little friend to keep me company as I sew and craft away.

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