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I absolutely adore rockabilly style, and I also enjoy Americana. Thus, here are some lovely Americana (Rockabilly style!) items that I found on Etsy. Pieces like this make me think of the old western movies, and movies like My Favourite Brunette

Western Wiggle Skirt by RockinB
'Love it or leave it' Sailor Jerry art by Tabooisland
Vintage 1940s cowboy boots by RoslynVTGTTradingCo.
Horseshoe and blue roses necklace by wickedminky
Vintage plaid button up shirt by TaraMiSioux

There are so many examples of fantastic art, beautiful clothing, and unique vintage items. Be sure to check out the shops, and investigate further. Especially if you love vintage pieces and beautiful Betties as much as I do!

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